transfer settings/ profile to adminstrator account?

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transfer settings/ profile to adminstrator account?

Hi everyone

I have Avid MC5 (video editor) loaded on my pc.. for the past few months I have had error messages generated.. usually Access violation or file sharing violations. on the forum help they suggest 99% of these are permission related.

I have two accounts on my pc Win7 the admin account and Editor account which I gave admin rights to.

They suggested I set the Advanced rights to the Editor account.

However I thought it would be easier to get rid of the Editor account and use the original Administrator account.. (no sharing or anything like that then).. Well I logged onto the Administraotrs account and tried to load some of the applications showing on the Start/programs menu and they would not run. I always choose 'for any user' when in stalling programs.. but they only run in the Editor account Doh!)

So.. can i transfer The Editor account settings to the Administrators account and run things like they did in the editor account... or just open a bottle and forget it?

any help appreciated