Transparently migrate Server 2003 from single drive to RAID1 w/o reinstall?

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Transparently migrate Server 2003 from single drive to RAID1 w/o reinstall?

I work for a small company, only three years old with 15 employees, so we don't have a big budget. I built a file server over a year ago using both new and existing hardware to keep costs low (completed for less than $1,000).

Quick overview: It is an Intel D865PERL motherboard with a 2.8GHz P4 (non H/T), 3GB DDR RAM. The OS drive is a single 40GB connected directly to the mobo IDE and runs Server 2003. There is a Promise FastTrak TX4310 RAID controller with 4 SATA drives. The first three ports have 160GB drives in RAID5, the fourth port is for two 320GB drives in JBOD that get hot-swapped weekly.

I want to turn the one OS drive into a RAID1 setup without having to totally reinstall the OS. The easy way would be to simply connect the second drive to the mobo IDE and let Server 2003 do the mirroring. However, I have a HighPoint RocketRAID 100 PCI controller and thought about keeping the RAID1 duties on the hardware side and preserve processor cycles.

Should I choose the hard way, here's my checklist so far:

1. Install the RAID card and launch the OS. Install windows drivers.
2. Acronis the OS drive.
3. Create and build the RAID1 array.
4. Restore the Acronis image to the RAID1 drives.
5. ???

Isn't there anything I'm missing? My guess is that the mobo will detect the card in the BIOS and I can instruct it to boot from there. However, if it doesn't then I'm at a loss.

I have a feeling I'm going to be taking the easy route.