Trying to open a port on network, any got any help for me?

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Trying to open a port on network, any got any help for me?

Here is the Summary:
We are trying to get voip phone system to run on out network. Unfortunately the phones cannot get a connection behind the firebox X firewall we have. We created an exception on the firebox (Manually and using the wizard) for port 5060 TCP. It turns out that our Netopia modem has a dinky firewall that for some reason our ISP cannot disable. Therefore we tried to create a pinhole through the modem for TCP port 5060, but still cannot get through. I guess I have a couple of questions.

When creating the pinhole, it ask for internal IP address, since next in line from the modem to our internal network is the firebox firewall, should I be putting the WAN ip address of the firebox for this internal IP address? Should it be our public IP address for our domain? Or would it be the IP address of the modem itself?

Second, we have our SBS 2003 with dual nic configuration, that comes after the firebox firewall. One nic is our WAN, the second leading to our LAN. Are there any rules or settings that need to be configured on the SBS box? We have all windows firewalls disabled.

I know its a ton of writing, so thanks for any help or info I do get.