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Unable to locate Netgear SmartGear switch on network

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That while you may believe that you reset the switch, you did not actually reset it. It was probably set previously to get a dhcp address and setup in bridge mode so that it did not perform any functions itself (I could tell more if I could remote into your system with Teamviewer or something and run some IPconfig and arp-a commands, netstats, etc.) other than passing through to the modem which is dealing the dhcp info on your network.
Sometimes the reset can be tricky- you may need to hold the reset pin in while unplugging from power and then plugging back in after 30 seconds (without letting up on the pin), then let up on the pin, wait 10 seconds, press the reset button again until the lights blink all together or the system obviously resets itself.
Also, turn off everything on your attached network to the device if possible (or at least have a list of the IP addresses of those connected) then run an arp -a from the cmd line and look for any address you don't know what it is for- that is likely your switch.
Let us know what you find out...