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Undelivered email to wrong address

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OH Smeg

The best bet is to scan the system in Safe Mode with both an AV Product then things like Spy Bot S&D and Malware Bytes

Of course this is assuming that your Fiend is running some form of Windows which may be dangerous.

However if they are install the above apps if they are not already installed Update them and the AV Product loaded and then reboot the system into Safe Mode and run scans on the system.

If it shows anything being deleted rescan with that Application till it's either clean or it's not possible to remove the infection. Then move to another Scanner.

I always start with an AV Product then use Spy Bot and finally Malware Bytes, but that's my Personal Preference.

In severe cases or if Windows isn't involved you may need to use a Rescue Disc like those mentioned here;leftCol