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Undelivered email to wrong address

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OH Smeg

Where designed to run and clean up Windows Systems that is their sole point to life and I use them all of the time.

Though yesterday they let me down but that was with a Dell NB that has a strange Chip Set as none that I threw at the unit could find the HDD. Actually for that matter none of the Live Linux's could load either but I'll admit to not trying too hard.

Most times however they are the only way to clean the system.

As for the rest you have to first rule out an Infection on the users system before you can even begin to do anything else and relying on just an AV Product isn't a legitimate way to prove that the system has no infections. AV Products work well most times to prevent Virus Infections but most times that's all that they stop. They are next to useless for anything else and Virus's are just one of the many things specifically written to Infect Windows Systems.

While he may be busy if his system does have any infections he could very quickly find himself being Black Listed and no E-Mail that he sends out getting accepted by any people at all as their ISP's will block them. Depending on how Educated that user is their system may be clean but then I suppose the obvious thing to ask would be how was his E-Mail Address Spoofed? He had to be doing something wrong to let that out to the Dark Side of the Web so it's just as likely that he did something wrong and infected his system into the bargain.