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Uninstall Deep Freeze

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first time reinstall the deepfreeze.exe,
if this is not suitable for it, download DeepUnfreezerU1.6.exe or DeepUnfreezer1.6.exe run and a window will be appear to check out the current state of Deep freeze. Click on the Load Button that will be radio button to Boot Thawed and see in the msgbox OK:info retrieved will be appear and go to the Save Status the software msgbox will be show OK:State saved.
the program may need to read some information to the service file. Locate it manuall or automatically.

Deep Unfreezer tries to enable this privilege automatically. using the Administrator account use the 'at' command to run the program with the System account. The 'at' command allows you to run programs at a given time, so if it's 12:00 and the file is in C:\ you can run Deep Unfreezer with the following command: at 12:01 /interactive "C:\DeepUnfreezer1.6.exe". When the clock changes to 12:01 the system will run Deep Unfreezer with debug privileges.