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Upgrading hard drive, should it be Seagate or Western Digital?

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I've been in 'the business' for awhile as well. I've seen enough to know that ALL makes can have their ups and downs. For these arguments, most people tend to buy either for price or personal preference rather than any 'real' qualitative evidence. MY personal preference is Western Digital (even though I've experienced a few failures), but if I have to buy a Seagate, I'm not overly bothered (They work well, and I've experienced more failures only because I happened to deal with more Seagate drives!). I've had good RMA and repair experiences with both.

As an aside, you don't 'need' to buy an HP-branded SATA notebook drive just because you have an HP notebook. Any SATA 2.5" drive will work. It's not going into a server, so arguments like, 'it has to have a special HP drive firmware' aren't valid. Check out prices, but do get a 7200rpm drive if you can for the performance...unless you REALLY need to squeeze all the battery life that you can out of it.