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Upgrading hard drive, should it be Seagate or Western Digital?

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I have a computer service business and I wouldn't buy Western Digital on a bet. I try to go with Seagate. Yeah, all companies have models or short time periods where there are problems. But WD seems to have more than their share. Maybe their high end drives do better. Maybe because the big-box toaster computers use the cheapest drives around they seem to use more WD and those drives seem to fail more. WD used to be the joke of the industry, although they've cleaned up their act a bit in the last few years. There for a while if a client brought in a computer with a failed drive I could almost bet it was a WD without looking.

But I don't buy on warranties, either. I'd rather the drive just lasted like it was supposed to. I don't want to find out how good the warranty service is. Overall, in 30 or so years of building and servicing computers, and maintaining my own, Seagate does better. I try to get my clients to have backup drives, and make regular backups. Then in the rare case a Seagate takes a dive we just replace it, almost always well after a warranty period anyway. In the last five years I remember one 2.5" drive that failed a few months after install. I stayed away from the Seagate Terabyte drives when they first came out and so avoided that flaking problem that someone mentioned. Sometimes you just have to be smart, and Seagate to this point seems to take care of business the best.