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Upgrading hard drive, should it be Seagate or Western Digital?

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I've just pulled my RMA's for this year.

2 X Seagate NB Drives RMA'd when under 6 months old well the NB's that they where in where under 6 Months old and the drives failed.

46 X WD's returned to the WD Agent here again all NB Drives in new NB's but all under 12 months or thereabouts old

Granted the majority of NB's come with WD Drives and of the ones that I RMA'd most came from School Kids NB's so it's maybe not a fair comparison where as the 2 Seagate Drives came out of Adults Computers so they may have had an easier life and probably not placed on beds over bedclothes to block the Air Intakes and cook the HDD and M'Boards.

But like everything else it's Personal Preference and which is better is from personal experience so other than starting Flame Wars it's probably better to say chose what you like.

I'm a newcomer to Computer Servicing as I've only been doing it 22 years now.