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Upgrading hard drive, should it be Seagate or Western Digital?

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Charles Bundy

I'll raise your "Hydraulic HDD" with some real hard drive history :)

I pulled down my copy of "An Introduction to Direct Access Storage Devices, Hugh M. Sierra" to wit

The first direct access storage device (RAMAC 350) was conceived and designed by IBM personnel in downtown San Jose, CA during the early 1950s. The feasibility models were a hodge-podge of components available at the time: the spindles were obtained from juke boxes, the disks were aluminum pizza plates with a hole in the middle, the magnetic recording materials (liquid) were poured on paperdrinking cups and deposited manually, the first read/write heads were assembled by former watchmakers, etc. In fact some of the early servomotors consisted of coils obtained from hi-fi loudspeakers whose cones had been removed. Today those motors are still called "voice" coil motors...