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UPS works in one office but not another.

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It is possible that the offices have different "sources" of power and as such, the line voltage may be below the "limit" of the UPS.

Anything below 100V is questionable, though some supplys work as low as 90V.

It is possible for some reason that the voltage is "too high".

Both of these conditions can occur when power is "generated" onsite, in other words, if there is a "sub station" particular to your location (mfg plant, large office building, etc).

Problems arise for example if the sub station also supplies power to a large energy consuming device.

In a plant environment, something like a punch press, or drop hammer which has a large power consumption followed by a low consumption phase.

another in an office buildign may be that you are on the same "sub" as the HVAC systems, and the Air or Heater is causing low voltage.

another thing you may want to check is the polarity of the outlet, it is possible that the common and hot wires were incorrectly hooked int he outlet you are pluging in to.

You can get small inexpensive electrical outlet testers at many home improvement centers which plug into the wall and can tell you whether the curcuit is working properly.

there are also dedicated data loggers which can monitor the voltage at the outlet over time.

Hope this helps.