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UPS works in one office but not another.

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To those still following this post or to those who find it in the future, I have discovered what the issue is. While the hardware specs on the computers are exactly the same the power supplies were slightly different. Dell tells me this is because they contract with several different companies to manufacture power supplies for them. The power supply with the issue has a model number of H305P-02. During my testing (I tested several different machines all with different power supply model numbers) I found that ONLY those power supplies with the model number H305P-02 failed when switching to the UPS. All other power supplies work fine.

Dell maintains that the power supplies are not the issue; that they are in fact working as designed. Dell states that the power supplies are only rated to work with a UPS that outputs a true sine wave. Since the basic home/office UPS only emulates a sine wave the power supply will not transition properly and simply shuts off. As such technical support was not willing to replace any of the power supplies we had. I did inform them that I had limited the issue to only one specific model of the power supply, but they stated they could not replace it due to the UPS we were using. We did finally get them replaced by going through their sales department.