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OH Smeg

You need to find out the Make & Model of the M'Board and then look up on it's makers Web Site as to what are the supported CPU's that it can use.

You may also find that you need to change the RAM as well if your current CPU is a slow one on the FSB and the new one has a Faster FSB that is supported by the M'Board. If you do not change the RAM to the fastest that the CPU can use you will not be getting full performance out of it.

Also if this is a Notebook type computer you may very well find that you are unable to change the CPU as the one in it is soldered tot he M'Board.

However saying all of that if all you are concerned about is Internet Speed changing the CPU or for that matter anything is very unlikely to speed up your current Internet connection. That is Dependant on the ISP that you have the way that you connect to the Internet and the type of Modem that you have.

For instance a WiFi connection to the Net is at best 54 MPS where as a wired connection is more likely to be 100 MPS. But again if your Internet Connection speed that is supported by the Modem is 29 KBS no matter what you do to the Computer or the existing Network will make the download speed faster. Also if you have several different computers connecting to the Internet through the 1 Modem this will slow things down dramatically.

If you want a faster Internet Connection you will have to speak to your ISP and see what if anything that they have available in your area or a competing ISP or wait till the Federal Government finishes rolling out the NBN in your area. The NBN is currently expected to provide 100 MPS where as most of the fastest ISP's can only provide 20 MBS which is more likely something like 12 MPS.

You could also check to see if your existing way of connecting to the Internet is actually working correctly. So if you are using WiFi to connect to your Modem make sure that it's working properly with a Strong Signal and if you are using a CAT Type Cable make sure that the Ethernet interface is functioning correctly and is not limited to a lower speed connection that it actually is.