USB ADSL Modem to Linksys Wireless router?

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USB ADSL Modem to Linksys Wireless router?

I have a USB ADSL Modem that i use to connect to my PC, I also have a Linksys Wireless 4 port router to provide WI-FI connectivity at my Home. Currently imm using an OLD P3 PC to share the internet connection via the USB modem to the wireless router that is connected to the PC using Ethernet cable.
My problem is i don't like to waste power on another Machine to browse the internet on my Laptop, there fore i need to connect my USB modem to the router to get it to work as a stand alone system.

I have 2 choices

1 Buy another modem with a Ethernet port to connect to my Wi-FI router

2 buy a USB to RJ45 extension thingy....... LIke

I dont want to spend more money on another Modem
and imm not sure if the converter thing will work or burn everything up

Please help me make a choice