USB IDE Harddrive Storage device

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USB IDE Harddrive Storage device


My case is, I have 2 external hardisk USB I want to bootup from my external USB mass storage that has Win2003 server on it or WinxpPro Sp2.

Im using Dell D400 Latitude Notebook using Winxp sp2 OS. I updated all necessary hardware driver including the Bios.

Now, i have external IDE seagate Harddrive, on this Harddisk i installed Win2003 server enterprise. However, if i use this external usb harddrive device for me to boot from the USB it doesnt boot.

Another thing, If plug my 2nd hardrive that has win2003 server, once im inside the windows and plugin my 1st USB harddrive it detects and notify me i can use it, but it doesnt show in My Computer.???

Any solutions?