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Use of Access 2007 for commercial application?

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Tony Hopkinson

Or is it an application wtitten in something else that has an mdb as it's backend?

If the latter, switch to sql express, or CE Compact. It's not just huge that is a problem, access will not scale, deploying database file on a sever and app on a client gives you all sorts of problems. It's admin tools are pathetic, it's not multi user in any meaningful way and it's security/permissions are outright awful.
It also has a bad habit of blowing up and or corrupting the mdb file.

It's a desktop power user tool, and a very good one. As a general application back end, though it sucks. People use it because it's there, not because it's any good.

It it's just a few tables and no real complexity in terms of schema, you could choose to use xml, even deity forfend excel...