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Use of Access 2007 for commercial application?

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Tony Hopkinson

Do you want to encrypt the file, so ther code can't read it.

Do you want to sell securing it from other users of the machine, ie have it's own user name and password?

Do you want to provide an assist for deploying the access run time.

Have you investigated deployment over say XP and Vista, perhaps even older versions. If you are deploying on Vista, where are you putting the data. If they have more tahn one profile, should is be profile specific, or across the machine.

Will UAC come and haunt you?

Support for backing up the db.

Given you are single uer stand alone (nothing to do with client server those !) you biggest potential problem with access is it's habit of growing the mdb file.

If you delete a record the file does not shrink, but if you add one and there's no room it will grow. You can do a compact and repair to get rid of that. But you might only want to put the effort into that as a feature if there is a lot of adding and deleting (particularly if there are blobs in there).

Bearing in mind this is basic user's PC, what happens to your app if some eejit deletes or moves the database.
Drops dead, not start at all, ask for the new location, create a blank one....

Another point is you don't have to make all these decisions in version 1.
You need to have enough value in there so that version 1.1 will be welcomed for a small remuneration.