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Use of Access 2007 for commercial application?

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Tony Hopkinson

There are a number of access experts who float about on here.

User name password is something you can set up in access. Encryption might be there.

Deployment, first you'll need to pick a tool, InstallShield or some such and then work out specific issues. Is the MDac up to date, run time already there etc. Repair option.

Backing up and compact and repair should be just a case of writing a bit of VBA and adding a menu option / button.

Glad to help and it's nice to see some one who chooses access trying to do it professionally, many don't.

Susan Harkins is TR's resident access blogger, she's done lots of articles/how tos .
If you type her name in the search box, there's loads of stuff.

Might save you asking questions that have already been answered elsewhere. You will find a lot of stuff about when not to use access (some from myself ) , but you seem to have kept in bounds, seeing as it's single user, standalone, and low volume.