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User name shows document&setting?

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I too am having trouble understanding your question because your description is unclear about a few key facts. Hopefully the following description will help though:

As a basic, high-level overview:
* You set up your domain users on the server. Here you define the user name, password, and some other settings like login scripts and password policies.
* Any computer on the domain can then be used to log in to these user accounts. When you log in on a PC a bunch of settings for this user will be created on the computer. This is called the local user profile and contains the desktop, favorites, my docs, application settings etc. By default on Windows XP this folder will be created in C:\Documents and Settings.

Ok, so lets say you create three new users on the server (lets call them user1, user2 and user3). Now log on to your XP client PC and you will have a folder called "C:\Documents and Settings\User1" on the XP PC. It is not normal to have a similar folder for user2 and user3 on the XP machine at this stage.

Now if you log off the XP machine and log in as user2 the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\User2". (the "user1" folder will still be there).