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Using Linksys router to add wireless to cable network

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Wow! thanks for the quick replys!

The modem's quite happy to play with the switch, or with an individual computer plugged into it (as I'm doing now).

Half a decade ago, I worked for Telewest (now part of Virgin) as a contract installer. We needed to phone through the MAC addresses before they'd connect the modems. They changed this just as I was leaving so no MAC addresses were needed.

The modem's IP is, with it's DHCP pool running from, so I assigned the router as, the laptop as ...3 & a desktop as ...4 & turned DHCP off on the router.
both computers could see both modem & router, but neither of them could go online...

The subnet mask assigned by the modem is (I think- that's what ipconfig/all tells me...), while the router will only accept values 225.225.225.x (via a drop down menu). Could this be my problem?