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Using Linksys router to add wireless to cable network

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Dude, disconnect your linksys form the modem for now and set it up as DHCP server(enable dhcp) and set your PCs to Auto configuration. then do an ipconfig /all on your PC and it shouls show (assuming that's the Lynsys' IP) as Gateway and DNS server and the host should be or something. Once this part works set up the modem to work as a modem only, disable dhcp, dns or anyhing else on it. Make sure you have an Internet or DSL light on, meaning it receives signal. then connect the router to the modem and it should work. Some screenshots from the modem with ecerything disabled would help. If you can't make it work (it;s been 2 days already dude!) just go and get a cable or dsl modem (just the modem) that works with your ISP and it will work. Or just get a wireless modem+router that works with yor ISP, it's not worth spending your w/e doing this! Sorry for being so loud, but cummon:)