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Using MS Access and ODBC to access an SQL Database

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Thanks for all of your suggestions. So, here's what happened with the suggestions:
- Decompile Option:
Got an immediate error of "An error
occured while loading <Form Name>." Then
my main switchboard form loaded (not the
one it complained about) with an error
"Invalid procedure call or argument". Then
the VB Edit screen came up showing
Access's General module, the one that has
all the "button-click" code that it
creates itself, but with no
specific code indicated. I went ahead and
Compacted and Repaired anyway, but no
change in the problem.
- Compact and Repair Option:
Nope, doesn't make a difference.
- DAO to ADO Option:
Sounds like a possibility. Can you point
me to an "Easy instructions for how to use
ADO to open a database, open a table, edit
a table's records, add to a table's
records, update a table's records,
MoveNext, FindNext, ...", you know, all
those table kind of functions. I'm a self-
taught-by-trial-and-error Access
programmer (with an old Computer/Database
BSc degree from back in the days of main-
frames) so I know all the concepts but
without any formal Access training.

Thanks :-)