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Using Netgear switches to distribute internet to separate groups

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The simplest way to do this is to swap your router/firewall for one with multiple LAN interfaces. This would allow you to assign one interface to your office network and the other interface to your WLAN. These would be two separate subnets. You would then plug your one switch into one interface, and the other switch into the second interface.

VLANs allow you to split an ethernet switch into what effectively looks like multiple physical switches. BUT, a VLAN capable switch typically needs a router to route between VLANs, and for two separate VLANs to get to the internet, they need two different LAN default gateways (which your current router cannot provide). So the short answer is that you don't need a switch that can do VLANs, you need a router/firewall that can support multiple LANs.