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Using Netgear switches to distribute internet to separate groups

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A very similar example of what you want to create is shown here:

The GS724TP does allow for VLANs, so that's good.
The DG834 doesn't support VLANs nor does it have a dedicated DMZ port, you'd would need a router that will support at least one of those to create a separate guest network.
If you need to isolate more than 2 networks, then you need a firewall with more than 2 internal LAN interfaces, or support for VLANs. I'm not confident Netgear offers VLANs in any of their routers, but I know Cisco ASA 5505 (20 active VLANs with the Security Plus license) or ASA 5510 (100 active VLANs with the Security Plus license) could do it.