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Using Netgear switches to distribute internet to separate groups

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Yes, but be aware that...
FVS318G NAT throughput is 25 Mbps
FVS336Gv2 NAT throughput is 60 Mbps
FVS318N NAT throughput is 95 Mbps
...the router should be as fast or faster than your Internet connection.

...although I just tested FVS318N with the latest firmware, and there seems to be a few bugs, the most obvious of which was constant DNS lookup failures even when DNS Proxy was disabled - you can disable the wireless completely - but I'd stay away until a better firmware is out.

Cisco ASA 5505 throughput is 150 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5510 throughput is 300 Mbps

Be aware that you can have multiple VLANs on the GS724TP, but if you only have two interfaces in a non-VLAN-aware router (the LAN port and the DMZ port) then that's the max number of VLANs you can create that will actually route traffic out to the Internet.

If you wanted to have multiple VLANs on the switch, that all route out to the Internet, you'd need one of the following...
- a firewall with more than 2 interfaces
- a switch with routing capabilities, Netgear calls these "fully managed" switches like the GSM series
- a router that supports VLANs and trunking (multiple VLANs in one port)