Video Conferenceing

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Video Conferenceing


I am looking for opinions of people who have set up their office with video conferenceing.

We are a small non-profit organization needing to have video conferenceing for 3 board meetins a year. The board members are located across Canada in I think maximum 4 different cities.

Below is a list of the items we need in order of importance.

1. The ability to talk and listen to all members. (I suggest the phone line for this, but if there are other options, please let me know.

2. The ability to share applications like PowerPoint, Excel etc. over the net.

3. The ability to see each other (video), or a minimum to see the majority of the Board who are located in 1 city.

4. Low Cost as we do not have a lot of cash to spend on this. (think $500 dollars is to much!)

Thanks in advance for all you advice.