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I have been using Vipre for about the past four or five years on a half-dozen PCs.

Good Points:

- Low processor utilization, even on slow netbooks.
- Overall good detection/prevention rate....Of course you never know what viruses you did NOT ot get, but:

- have had two cases of viruses Vipre missed totally, and one or two cases of spyware missed. Where Vipre blew it, Malware Bytes or the Trend Housecall online tool caught it.

I give it a B+ or A- overall. I have worked a LOT with McAfee and Symantec, and my opinion is it offers comparable protection to either one, but offers better performance than either one.

One support point: On some machines it just seems to work 100% perfectly, flawlessly, no muss, no fuss.

On two of my machines the signature updates work fine, but the version updates totally fail, despite surgically removing the app, reinstalling, etc etc.

Also their 'unlimited' site license is not unlimited, I believe the limit is 10 or 12. I run a lot a virtual Windows machines, and have hit the limit several times.

Is it a good product overall? Yes.

I would rate it better than McAfee or Avast and some of the other free ones like Kaspersky, Panda, etc.

I have had excellent luck, however, with Microsoft Security Essentials, and am on the fence as to whether I may just dump Vipre altogether and run MSE on everything. I have worked on and fixed computers for lots of friends and family members, and with only one exception, have had good luck by simply installing MSE (and of course MSE is baked into Win 8).