Vista Icons resetting to Default white box icon

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Vista Icons resetting to Default white box icon

Some of my icons on my desktop are showing up as the "no icon" icon--like the default icon that shows up if now icon is found. Also the "personalization" menu said "page cannot be loaded" or something. i ran chkdsk at startup and it fixed the problem with personalization, but not the icon problem. both these problems started after using iobit smart defrag on fast optimize. I just ran sfc /SCANNOW and it returned:

"C:\Users\Chris Hatcher>sfc /SCANNOW

Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.
Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of th
Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example

The system file repair changes will take effect after the next reboot."

the log file is moaning about some imageres.dll that is corrupt. i'll reboot and see if it fixed it. anyone had this probelm before?