Vista SP1 logging onto 2K3 AD - no home folder

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Vista SP1 logging onto 2K3 AD - no home folder

Here's hoping someone can shed some light on this bizarre problem;

Problem: The users home folder as indicated in AD does not map on Vista Business client with SP1. (e.g. //server/users$/username)

Description: You can map the 'home folder' manually without any problems it just won't map on login. Everything else appears to be fine, no related errors or warning in the event logs and 'gporesult' indicates all clear.

- 2003 AD / Native Dom Func lvl = 2003
- No significant events on AD servers
- Client = Vista Business SP1
- No errors related to AD/GPO or network on Vista or XP clients
- XP Clients map 'home folder' on login without problem
- GPO "Wait for network" set to enabled
- No DNS issues or problems
- No replication issues between AD servers

Side note: Some XP clients have been plagued with losing other drive mappings during login periodically as well which are done through an additional vbs script during login. To date this problem has been considered to be a 'ghost in the shell' since it is extremely random and there are numerous clients where it has never happened. Again nothing obvious in the logs anywhere. You can run the vbs script from the client and it will work everytime.

I am well and truly at the end of my sanity so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.