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Since building a new Vista designated office PC and installing Vista Ultimate OEM, I've had to phone Microsoft's 800 reactivation # 3 times in a span of just 2 months for just 1 PC! Vista has never offered me the opportunity to reactivate online - Quite Annoying! I'm not completely sure of what triggered these 3 deactivation events but since installing the system I've independently added memory, added a backup drive outside of a Raid 5 array, re-installed MS Office and suffered a degraded Raid Array once that repaired itself. I've never had to reinstall or repair the OS, it sits right where it was originally installed in its own dedicated partition. Each time a deactivation event is triggered I have to call Microsoft's Call Center (in India?) and answer rather mundane questions in order to reactivate. Obtaining a 25 digit key, provided verbally with a dialect that is sometimes difficult to understand (my ears must be getting old!), is a PITA!

Microsoft sure seems to have impleminted a hair trigger deactivation scenario (system fingerprint) in Vista. I don't think Microsoft should be concerned with anything other than the motherboard that the OS boots from. It should be of no concern to MS if I add disks, memory or any other peripherals as long as they are hosted from the same mobo.

Futhermore, this whole process (if really necessary) should be handled without resorting to clunky call center intervention. As it is, the call center folks don't even establish the identity of the caller so what's the point? Must be an attempt at intimidating a would be OS Pirate because they are required to speak to a live person I guess. A much more sophisticated reactivation process should be implimented online at various levels based on the type of triggering event. If my bank and brokerage firm can authenticate me online and handle transactions involving assets thousands of times more valuable than a Vista license I'm sure Microsoft can figure out how to handle re-activations in a less annoying and more streamlined manner. I would think better security could be better enforced using 100% online re-activations versus callers using cordless phones and cell phones to obtain reactivation keys. Needless to say, this has been an Ultimate Dissapointment in how Microsoft has impliminted this heavy handed and somewhat paranoid house-to-house, office-to-office search for potential pirated software. I think MS needs to ratchet down their OS reactivation triggering mechanism a bit and streamline the whole process but hey, that's just my opinion.