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The only possible justifications for this 'system' implemented by MS would be if:

1. It worked correctly. I personally ended up having to use a pirated version for a month because they would not acknowledge that what I was using was legitimate. (problem since solved by dropping MS)

2. It did not shut down the system in such a draconian manner. There is *NEVER* an excuse for this kind of behaviour to your customers - even if being 'pre-informed' of this possibility apparently makes it legal. (just how pre-informed is the average user? Before purchase? I think not....

3. It stopped pirates (or even slowed them down). It does not appear to be making any difference to the pirates - I know of at least 5 places where I could get XP or Vista free of encumbrances. I actually GOT an XP that way (as mentioned) because my legit one was not activated....

As none of these criteria have been met effectively, all it represents is a major nuisance to legitimate customers, as well as an expense that I am sure is passed along to all unfortunate enough to have rented the product!