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The **** they have; did you even read the part I stated about the lady asking me for the unit's serial number and for the Product Key from the side of the unit? There is no reason for them to ask for that information (especially considering MS said they would <i>not</i> ask for anything other than the Installation Key when/if you had to activate over the phone).<br><br>

Even with all the hoops I've had to go through to activate copies of XP, I'm not looking forward to Vista in a corporate environment. I'd like to see a different way for corporations to activate OEM copes (I know the Volume-Licensing versions have different methods) so that it's less of a hassle (maybe actually do an inventory of hardware/serial number to keep accountability? Sure that was my initial gripe, but if they were to SAY they were going to keep tabs on that info instead of saying "We don't need it" then actually asking for it, I wouldn't even have made a post).<br><br>
EDIT: <i>"They were going to only let people reactivate Vista a couple of times and they changed it so people can *infinitely* move and reactivate Vista as long as they uninstall it from the previous machine."</i>
That isn't "Easing Up" because you can't do that with an OEM copy - they made this concession after a backlash about making this statement for the RETAIL VERSION of Vista. How is this different that the retail version of Windows XP (or pervious versions)? It's not - you've <i>always</i> been allowed to 'move' a retail version as long as it's not on more units than the license is good for. What you described was MS trying to 'get one over' on people who buy retail copies versus OEM (<i>because</i> they are allowed to move retail copies where they can't move OEM).