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Vista/XP Dual Boot Disaster - HELP!

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For many years, I have used BootMagic (part of PowerQuest's PartitionMagic) to boot everything. It goes in a small DOS partition, along with some DOS utilities.

Put XP, Vista, etc. in separate partitions. Do a floppy or CD boot and make sure DOS sees the partition you will install to as C:\. This way the OS will put all the boot files in the partition. If given a choice, have the installer put boot files in the partition rather than the boot sector of the drive. Only one boot loader's files can go there.

When you are done setting up the OSs, go back to DOS and add the OSs to the BootMagic menu.

Sidebar: For reasons not yet clear, BootMagic doesn't work on my newest computer. Maybe there's something about the dual-core, 64-bit architecture it can't handle.

So, on the new machine, I install a copy of SuSE in an extended partition and let it install GRUB into the boot sector. During the installation you can modify the GRUB menu to your liking, i.e. "Vista" instead of Windows2. GRUB finds and boots everything I've tossed at it, from DOS 6.22 to x64 XP.

Btw, GRUB in Fedora works just as well.