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Vista/XP Dual Boot Disaster - HELP!

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If you can get the computer to start XP in 'safe mode,' follow these steps to reset the admin password.

click on Start, then click "run." Then type the following command: "control userpasswords2." Once you type this command, you will get a window with all the user accounts for the comp. Click on the user account and reset the password.

However, if you get to the advanced boot menu, the computer still may ask you for admin password in order to boot into XP in safe mode. I did a dual boot of both XP and Vista a while back, and had the same problem you are having. I ended up taking Vista right off my machine. Don't need it at all. It's mostly "bells and whistles" anyway! And if I decide to upgrade it in the future, then I will do a clean install of Vista. Most of the driver upgrades are available now anyway.

This problem may be rectified with Micro brings out the first service pack for Vista this fall, but don't hold your breath.