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OldER Mycroft

Bit of a mixed bag here I'm afraid...

As per my usual, rather than simply do things one at a time, once again I've used a double-whammy that worked! Unfortunately I'm now kinda stuck wondering WHICH action had the desired effect. :^0

Anyhow, after being being prodded by several peermails (you all know who you are!) I uninstalled, rebooted then reinstalled Skype, retaining all my Contacts and Settings in the process, and it worked. Microphone doesn't have any ALC anymore.

However, just before I rebooted, I was milling around in the sound mixer controls as per usual and I noticed that the Advanced Properties for the Front Green & Front Pink sliders, had an interesting phenomenon happening. Usually only one of the BOOST boxes is ticked (the one for the speakers) - but in this instance the item that was ticked had been reversed - therefore the Speaker boost was OFF but the Microphone boost was ON. This setting is one that you'd not normally notice, being that it's buried inside an advanced properties button, AND if you've never altered the settings you might never be prompted to have a look-see.

Might be worth checking - just in case that is part of OH Smeg's suggested rogue code.