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OH Smeg

what is the BEST software in web designing?

This all depends on what it is you are designing. Web Pages that are straight Text and have no Flash or so on may be easier to design in something else.

Very large Complex Web Pages with lots of Flash and everything else may or may not be easier to design in Dreamweaver as this all depends on what the person doing the design is comfortable in using. Also depending on who is hosting the Web Page Dreamweaver may not be an option.

Maybe this site is a better place to look at as it is specifically geared to the question you have asked

http://webdesign.about .com/od/htmleditors/a/aa121304.htm
remember to remove the space from between about and the .com for a working link.

However if you are planning on doing a Specific Web Design Course you would have to look at what that Training Place uses and use that.