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Web Development or Network Administration?

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I'm not in a actual program yet. There are several two year degrees I like. Here is a list of two year associates applied science degrees that are in my interest but having trouble deciding on which router to go for in today's market as I like them all but only can pick one.

AAS Web Technologies - within emphasis on web programming in java object oriented programming with PHP, html5, ccs3, javascript, jquery, mysql, sql database, json, dom, java server pages, java applets, also includes topics in Mobile Web applications Development

AAS Local Area Network Management - with an emphasis on computer networking, network security, CCNA, Linux, Windows, netware/novell A+, security+, network+ ccnp etc.

AAS Computer Programming - with both emphasis in .NET programming and Java programming, also includes sql database, data structures, systems analysis & design, HTML5, CSS3 Javascript & Jquery also includes topics in Mobile Web Applications Development , visual basic, .ado

AAS Electronics Engineering Technology with emphasis in Electronics, Communications, Microcontrollers,microprocessors with C programming and labview, digital electronics, analog electronics, semiconductors, circuits etc.