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Web Development or Network Administration?

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You'll do better if you are very interested in the things that become your daily work. If you browse online, are you more interested in reading stuff about networks and security, or are you more interested in checking out different web applications? Working as a "developer" may give you more personal freedom in the long run - more consulting/project opportunities, more opportunities to work odd hours... I see the network admin thing as more of a 9-5 or so routine within a company. The other things - for a network admin, the buck stops with you! For a developer, you might not be getting the support phone calls. As far as where jobs are available, well, if you like what you are doing (rather than doing what you think you should for one reason or another), I think you will be more likely to have a job. Technologies will always change, so whatever direction you choose to start out in, be aware you will continually be learning new tools etc. I applaud your decision to get a 2 year degree and then start working. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!