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But I have some first hand knowledge. Thats pretty darned far.

When I was in grade 9, one of my school mates for three years, did something tragically stupid. He lived near a dam in the river that went through the city, and eventually to a place near my house in the country.

It was April and due to the snow melt the river was very high and fast. He decided to run the dam in a rubber boat. Now I've seen canoists run over the dam in mid summer when the water is slow and much lower. But I wouldn't even put my canoe in the water for weeks after, just too fast (unless you are a whitewater expert). He and a friend put a small cheap rubber boat in the water above the dam and went over. The boat flipped and they were pulled under. No life jackets.

They were not found till a week later, when the river levels lowered and things slowed. They were found by one of my neighbours, near my house. We lived on a section after an oxbow, which slows down the current alot. Total distance by river, probably 6 or 7 kilometres. My younger brother who was about 10 at the time saw something in the water, but as soon as the neighbour recognized what it was, he forced him to get away from the riverbank.

My heart goes out to those who have lost someone in the flood.