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western digital external hard drive

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OH Smeg

Before you had the Safely Remove notification you corrupted the Partition Tables. You can try running CHKDSK /R on the drive and it may repair the Partition Tables or you'll need some form of Data Recovery Software to rebuild the corrupt tables.

But first things first if you pulled the Y Cable out by the lead and not the plugs you should first try another Y Cable as you could have damaged the Y Cable and it's no longer making a Data Connection or one of the Power Connections. Y Cables only have the 1 plug with a Data Connection and both plugs have a Power Connection so you get a greater amperage to the External Drive. If the cable is damaged the drive isn't going to work.

Now for the nasty bit, if the data on the drive is Important that you need to recover and a replacement Y Cable doesn't do the trick you should send the drive to a Professional and pay them to recover your Data. If you mess with the drive unsuccessfully you run the risk of making a Professional Data Recovery much more expensive and far less likely to be able to recover 100% of your Important Data.

However if it would just be Nice to recover the data and you can afford to loose it all attack the drive with whatever recovery tools you like. You at worse will be wasting your time and effort and will loose everything but you just may recover what you need without costing you an arm and leg.