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western digital external hard drive

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First, experience shows, unplugging the usb cord before you "ask" is not okay. go to the icon to ask for disconnection first! Second and probably more applicable, you can not have more than one "big" drive hooked up by USB with the WD drives. The second drive will not be recognized. I was trying to use two 3TB drives. WD drives have a unresovled "issue", this is straight from the service of WD. I did something with mine, then I couldn't do anything with it. The computer would know it was there, but couldn't recognize it. Luckily it was fairly new, I ended up returning it to the store and got another, otherwise, you will probably have to go through WD service. It is amazing how much info you can lose in the process, bigger drives, more info, more loss! I'm still trying to recover and rebuild from other sources. These large drives are adding a whole new meaning to backing up. Originally, I was trying to back up one drive to another, I did not work!
Additionally, the data was totally unrecoverable, we couldn't get the drive back no matter what we tried! It was like a blank drive with no access!