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What are the best methods to reduce user guides for end users?

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OldER Mycroft

If your present user guides are printed, a revamp of the format would be your first point of consideration: if you have 90 pages of A5 then you have between 2 and 6 pages of wasted blanks.

A revision to a size of A4 would make for easier reading, better layout, and reduction of wasted space.

However, in most cases these days, operating manuals tend to be presented in .pdf format on optical media - CDs or DVDs and accompany the software on the same discs.

The sales team would not complain about carrying CDs as support material.

If you want to remain with the printed form I would recommend employing the services of a technical sub-editor. He/she would probably surprise you how your "robust" documentation could be slimmed down both in copy content and boosted in presentation qualities.