What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

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What certs should i get? CCNA or MCSA

I am currently working as an EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) break / fix engineer, really a hardware position. But I would really like to get into a more demanding role, the only thing is I'm not sure if i should go via the CCNA or MCSA route.

I like the role I have at the moment in the fact that i'm not totally office based, but I'm just not sure which qualification would help me to get a better paid job. I appreiciate that either will do this, but which is there more of a demand for / which route will in the end pay better.

I don't mind working hard to get where i need to be but I don't really want to spend ??????? getting the wrong qualifications.
I am positioned in the North of England if this makes any difference to my dilema.
Thanks for any help on this one.