What color laser printer would you reccomend?

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What color laser printer would you reccomend?

Within the next month I would like to replace my ink jet printer with a color laser printer. I had originally planned on purchasing an HP printer, but after my recent experiences I have written policy for my firm banning Hewlett-Packard/Compac products.

The printer will be placed on a five computer network, not including servers,backup servers, and dedicated firewalls; part of the network is wireless. The network encompasses Linux, XP, and Vista boxes. The pages printed is only expected to be about 800 pages per month, about half the printing will be high resolution graphics.

I would like to have as high of resolution as possible with a decent cartridge life expectancy. I would like to spend less than $900 for the printer.

I have seen either a Lexmark or an Okidata that had 1200 x 1200 resolution that was in the $800 range. Being a small business, I am looking for the best deal in terms of life expectancy, cartridge life, and GOOD warranty service.

What printer would you recommend? Why would you recommend the printer?

Thank you.