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what does PREINSTALLED Windows 7 mean?

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OldER Mycroft

Without going into the confabulated rumour mill surrounding the advent of pre-installing the computer's operating system, what you have bought is more or less run of the mill (the other mill, not the rumour one!) and normal practice when buying a new computer.

You get the brand new machine and the operating system has been installed for you - RIGHT UP TO THE POINT where, if you were installing it yourself - the system would ask you to type in your personal details like your preferred name for your user account, password if you want one, any other user accounts you want at that initial stage, then the installation finalises with YOUR DETAILS in it.

Every Microsoft operating system requires to be validated online with the Microsoft website and, again, what you are witnessing is perfectly normal.

You need to register your computer's system with Microsoft so that they can check that the software is not a Pirated Copy, then when they issue Updates every month (or more frequently on occasions) your computer has already been verified and it smooths the process of the Updates.

As to what will happen if YOU DO NOT REGISTER with Microsoft, there are two distinct possibilities:

#1 Your computer will fail to boot and will sit more or less dormant, but insisting that you Register it.

#2 You will register it - either before the set period of time has expired and you'll register it online without any difficulty (it only takes seconds!) OR you'll have run out of grace time and will have to register your system manually by calling the Freephone Telephone Number on the computer screen for whichever corner of the world you happen to be when you make the call.

It's NOT a con on the part of the computer resellers, it's just the way things tend to happen in the 21st Century.

Without knowing the Make and Model of your new computer I can't be more detailed.

Perhaps you could let us know what those details are. :)