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What if you have been unemployed for quite some time?

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I'm not familiar with India, but do you have temporary labor contractors? Here in the US, there are companies who subcontract labor to large employers, so the large employer does not hire the labor directly. The positions are "temporary" or "contract", as contrasted with "permanent employee."

These "job shops" can be a good way to get back into the regular job market. The major employer does not take the risk, and if things don't work out they get someone else, and your contract ends. OTOH, if the employer likes you, there is a process that they can hire you away from the "job shop" and make you permanent.

Ironically, many "permanent" employees tenure is shorter than other "temporary contract" employees. Also, frequently the temporary employees make more money than their "regular employee" counterparts because contracted overtime is compensated, while regular "exempt" employees are expected to work overtime with little or no additional compensation.

There are pros and cons to subcontracting, but here in the US it can be a way back into the work force for someone in the situation you describe. Perhaps there is something similar in your country.

Good Luck.