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What is more important to look for in a laptop? Processor? Ram or RPM Hd?

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The real question is, "What do you see yourself doing with it in 5 years?" Laptops are so powerful and cheap these days, it's easy to 'overbuy' now (and not a bad idea) not thinking that 4-5 years down the road, they won't be even MORE powerful and cheaper again!

While the 'tech' answer to your question is, "You can't replace the processor in the laptop, but you CAN swap the RAM and Hard Drive, so buy the larger processor..." your 'average' user never will. By the time they would find that $600 i5 laptop to be 'slow', everything has changed so much that they just end up buying a new one. Slayer's comments are not too far off the mark, but requirements change (soon, all 'regular word processing et all will need 64bits, 4GB+ RAM, multi-core, etc... because 'that's just how it is') and you don't want to limit yourself too much. It IS slightly more difficult (expensive) to upgrade a laptop vs. a desktop.