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What Is Needed to Set Up A SMB Video Conference Room?

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I work as a consultant in the SMB field also and it sounds like we do much the same type of work. I get asked the same thing a bit. I like to say 'yes' to everything so toyed with the idea of doing this myself for some of my customers, but I've done enough research to realise how much I don't know. There is a lot more to this than whacking Skype on a PC and pointing a webcam in the right direction. You've touched on some of the issues. Getting the right type and number of microphones is another big issue.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that this field is too specialised. I also feel that there are too many options out there. Some topics you can do a lot of research on and can pick up what you need to know. I don't think this in one of those fields. I think this field needs experience, and I wasn't going to ruin my reputation with my existing customers by making them guinea pigs. I chose to find a local company that specialises in this field and recommend them. This actually worked out really well. Since this is a complimentary field we have had customers referred to us for desktop/server work by the company we recommend.