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What is safest remote connection from home to a small business?

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We have migrated away from VPN as that requires too much management for several remote users that change locations frequently and has been compromised, to a product called "TeamViewer". We use TeamViewer to manage our fifteen remote location computers and it works seamlessly. TeamViewer uses RSA and AES (256 bit) encryption as well as session passwords and Verasign code signing. Easy to use. Another great aspect is that you can use TeamViewer as a BST monitor for system status as the nodes that are set up on your list for automatic remote control show up on a menu that displays if the machine is online or off at any moment. Great program, free version works as well as full version which is abit spendy, but for remote access for end users to see their workstation as if they were sitting in front of it and for IT to be able to remote in, watch, or control remote PC it is simply the best option out there right now.